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"The Nature, which delights in periodic repetition in the heavens, is the same nature which rules the affairs here on Earth. Let us not forget that lesson"
» Mark Twain
"The Earth provides enough to satisfy every one's needs, but not any one's greed"
» Mahatma Gandhi
"The future of our planet lies in our hearts!"





  PureIndia Impex & Soapnut

Use Soapnuts :

Soapnut is hypoallergenic and has proven therapeutic effects in cases of allergy
Soapnut is unbeatable when washing black or colored garments
Soapnut is 100% Biodegradable
Soapnut is simple, practical and light
Soapnut washes just as well, even better, than a traditional washing product
Soapnut cares for the structure of the fabric
Soapnut softens your washing without any added product
Sapindus mukorossi is non-polluting, it respects water and its ecosystem
Soapnut Tree protects the soil erosion

Take Steps :
Use Disposable eco friendly Areca Plates
Set computers, printers, etc. to go to "sleep" after a few minutes.
Print and copy double-sided to reduce paper use
Use recycled paper products
Purchase furniture that is made of recycled products, and recycle or donate once it's no longer needed
Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs
Turn off computers and lights at night - install power strips so it's easy to turn off all electronics at once
Encourage recycling by having bins accessible around the office
Have reusable ceramic mugs for coffee or water, rather than disposable ones
Encourage carpools
Purchase carbon offsets

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